AAUW Funds, Fellowships and Grants

One of the world’s largest sources of funding exclusively for graduate women, the AAUW Funds support aspiring scholars around the globe, teachers and activists in local communities, women at critical stages of their careers, and those pursuing professions where women are underrepresented. AAUW members may now apply for all fellowship and grant opportunities. Here are the links to information about these National opportunities for this fiscal year.


Applications Available Application Deadline Award

Qualification Criteria

Community Action Grant
For members, branches or states
One Year Grant $2,000 – $7,000 Seed money for new projects
Two Year Grant  $5,000 – $10,000 Start up funds for longer term projects

Career Development Grant
$2,000 – $12,000 For women with bachelor’s degree.  Provides support for course
work for master’s degree, second bachelor’s degree, or
specialized training in technical or professional fields.

Selected Professions Fellowships
August 1 January 10 $5,000 – $12,000 Full-time course of study, at master’s level at U.S. institution
Women underrepresented in these professions Architecture, Computer/Information Sciences,
Mathematics/Statistics, Engineering
Restricted to women of color Business Administration, Law, Medicine

American Fellowships
Summer/ Short-Term Research Publication Grants $6,000 Funds for women college and university faculty and independent
researchers to prepare research for publication.
Dissertation Fellowships $20,000 Funds to complete dissertation writing in 2nd quarter of 2010.
All coursework, research proposals and preliminary exams must be
approved or completed by Nov 15, 2008.
Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowships $30,000 One year support for postdoctoral research for women who have
earned doctoral degree by Nov 15, 2008.
International Fellowships August 1 December 1 For full-time study or research in the United States to women
who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents
Master’s/Professional Fellowship $18,000
Doctorate Fellowship $20,000
Postdoctoral Fellowship $30,000

For questions about these programs, email aauw@act.org or call 319/337-1716.